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We provide nationwide diminished value auto appraisal services. Get a post repair inspection now for a thorough vehicle value assessment. We are located in Beaverton, OR.

If your vehicle has been involved a collision, even after a proper and thorough repair, its market value will be reduced. You have the right to claim this loss in value from the at fault party’s insurance company (Note: In Georgia and Washington, even if you are at fault, you may claim Diminution in Value). Insurance companies don’t make it easy – and many people don’t know where to start.  Each year thousands lose millions due to their lack of knowledge of such issues. Auto Damage Experts has decades of experience in the automotive repair and insurance industries and can guide you through the DV process.

With ADE…it’s as easy As 1-2-3!

Our Experts will evaluate the quality and thoroughness of the performed repair through a physical examination of your vehicle and then prepare and provide you a diminished value assessment, accompanied with supporting documentation such as a vehicle history report, photos and other pertinent information which will support your claim and make difficult to contest. Our assistance doesn’t stop there. ADE offers guidance throughout the diminished value claim process. Your Auto Damage Expert is your guide throughout the process of your diminished value recovery.

(Auto Damage Experts are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.)  DIMINISHED VALUE GET STARTED


Thousands of Unclaimed Dollars each year

Every year insurance companies receive and process millions of collision claims. In many cases, vehicle owners whose vehicles have been damage will suffer a loss in value to their vehicle; this is commonly referred to as Diminished Value or “DV”.

Diminished Value claims are higher for newer vehicles, or higher end vehicles, and many can reach $20,000 or more. This money was taken from you at the point of impact. It’s our job to quantify how much value was lost and assist you in requesting these damages be repaid as part of your auto claim.


You may be entitled to thousands of dollars due to the loss in your vehicle’s value…the question then remains, How Much…and How Do You Recover it?

Diminished Value (aka “DV”) is recognized nationwide as a recoverable loss. If you have been in accident and believe that your vehicle has suffered a loss in value, and believe you may be entitled to recovery of Diminished Value, there’s information you should know; Beware of the low quality, unqualified online DV quote services that offer quick, cheap generic quotes who are not recognized as credible experts by insurance companies and/or courts.

Before selecting a Diminished Value appraiser, check your Better Business Bureau and on-line business review sites such as Google Review, Rip-off Report, Yelp and others.

Check out what our customers are saying about us! ADE is the country’s oldest and most respected Diminished Value Service.

See what makes us the best choice.




They [ADE] gave me straight answers to my questions and gave me the confidence to demand a re-evaluation of my recently repaired car’s value.

– Josh Dalgren

You’re not alone; there is a lot of misinformation and confusion regarding Diminished Value. Here are some common misstatements reported by ADE clients.

1. “The insurance companies says they don’t pay DV claims.”

FALSE: A wise man once said: Never Take Advice on How to Collect Money From Those That Owe it to You!”


2. “You need to hire an attorney to collect DV.”

FALSE: It has been our experience that in most cases our clients can resolve their DV claim without having to hire an attorney and giving them a third of their DV dollars.


3. “You don’t suffer a loss until you sell your vehicle.”

FALSE: Your Value was Diminished at the time of your loss… not if and when you sell it.


4. “Only newer cars qualify for DV.”

FALSE: DV isn’t based upon the newness…it’s based upon VALUE. Imagine a 30 year old original and pristine collectible vehicle being damaged. Even though old, it too will lose value.


5. “Your car looks great, so it didn’t suffer DV.”

FALSE: One can’t Un-Ring The bell! If your vehicle suffered even moderate damages, the likelihood is it has lost value. Don’t be intimidated, find out the facts. There are those who may try to discourage you and/or provide you inaccurate and/or misleading information to discourage you.


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